New Member Orientation

*Our next New Member Orientation will run on July 24, 2019 from 6:30-8:30. *

What is the New Member Orientation?

This workshop runs every three months on the fourth Wednesday of the month for interested folks and new SURJ members. It will be about two hours long and includes a potluck.

Why come to the New Member Orientation?

This is an opportunity to connect with other new and interested SURJ members. The workshop is designed to give you a quick and dirty guide to getting involved in the movement for racial justice and acclimate you to recognizing and talking about your privilege.

What are the goals of the New Member Orientation?

  • Learn about SURJ as a national organization and the local chapter
  • Explore SURJ Values and Theory of Change
  • Raise awareness around racial justice movements in the area
  • Find our what the local chapter has been working on and get involved with us!