Study & Action: Families

What is ‘Study and Action: Families’?

Study & Action: Families is a course designed to help families learn to discuss race and racism together. This can often feel like a taboo or uncomfortable topic for families to talk about, but it is imperative that we do. The format is a 4-session seminar with an action component outside of meeting time. Like the original Study and Action program, it is designed with white identifying participants in mind, with the intent of guiding them to understand the ways in which our whiteness has made us complicit in the systems of oppression we are now fighting against and help them interrupt this cycle in their families and with their children. Children and parents attend the sessions together and will start these conversations, along with some engaging activities, together.

Why ‘Study and Action: Families’?

By ignoring the topics of race and racism we do not train out children to be color blind, tolerant, or "not see race", but allow for broader societal ideas about race and white supremacy to take root in our children's minds. By remaining silent as parents and "shielding" our children we perpetuate white supremacy in our world.

What are the goals of Study & Action: Families?

  • Build confidence around talking about difficult topics with children, such as police brutality, everyday racism, and white supremacy.
  • Give concrete ways parents can address these topics with children in age-appropriate ways that do not support white supremacy.
  • Give parents tools to evaluate the media (e.g. books, TV, movies) their children consume and start conversations around the problematic aspects of them.
  • Help parents get their children involved in the racial justice movement and get them involved in actions.
  • Connect families with similar values that would like learn how to show up for racial justice.

I'm in! When is it and how do I sign up?

Think this sounds right for your family? Check back here soon to fill out an interest form or shoot us an email at