Study and Action

What is ‘Study and Action’?

Study & Action is a community of learners committed to examining the histories of white supremacy and resistance movements, and building our abilities to effectively take action in support of Black and people of color-led organizations fighting for racial justice. The format is a 6-session seminar with an action component outside of meeting time. This program is designed with with the intent of guiding participants to understand the ways in which we are complicit in the systems of oppression we are now fighting against. Classes are typically held on a week night evening 6-9 PM.

Why ‘Study and Action’?

Social movements throughout history have engaged in political education to inform organizing and action in the streets. By studying the histories and systems that we resist, we deepen our understanding of injustice, and learn to take strategic, effective action. Learning in community makes our movements strong. We train up, so we can show up!

"Study and Action gave me the tools, words, and support to take my activism from the armchair to the streets. The readings and discussions helped me gain knowledge and deeper understanding, and the accountability with like-minded people helped me find ways to put action behind my words." -Study & Action participant

What are the goals of ‘Study & Action’?

  • Increasing our knowledge of the history of white supremacy, its effects on white people and people of color, and the ways it currently operates in us and our society.
  • Increasing our knowledge of the ongoing resistance to white supremacy that has been led by people of color, and the ways that these resistance efforts have been attacked through state terror.
  • Building our skill sets for engaging in conversation and action around racial justice.
  • Supporting participants in developing deep self-reflection and deep relationships with one another, so that we hold ourselves and each other accountable.
  • Ultimately, Study & Action will be successful if it leads participants to SHOW UP FOR RACIAL JUSTICE - in our individual actions, in our personal and professional relationships, on the political stage, and at organized actions.

"The Study and Action Group helped me create more accountability and momentum around pursuing racial equity and helped me put to words - through readings and discussion - where inequality exists and how to help dismantle it. It also allowed me to join a community that asks me to be answerable to this call I have to educate myself and fight for racial justice. This community's priorities are more uniquely aligned with my values than any other community I form a part of." -Study & Action participant

A huge thank you to SURJ Bay Area for sharing their Study and Action syllabus and program with us as springboard for our own program.

Study and Action FAQs

What kind of commitments are there besides showing up for the class sessions?

There are materials that need to be covered before each class, including the first class. Once signed up and contacted, a syllabus goes out about a week or so before the first session so you will know ahead of time what each week's materials are. There is a mix of reading, listening, and watching.

We also ask participants to commit to taking two actions during the course of Study & Action. Reading and studying is all well and good, but the ultimate purpose of the study is to be able to show up and actively work against white supremacy. You can see more about what constitutes action in the second section on our membership page.

Finally, we ask that participants donate $30 to one of our partner organizations. Typically we will specify which organization in the registration email that goes out to participants. The amount, however, is flexible. You can give more or less depending on your financial situation (participants hold themselves accountable for this). You are also welcome to ask people you know to give instead of giving yourself.

The time is right during dinner and I'm coming from work! Should I eat beforehand?

Class includes a potluck, so there is a dinner built into the schedule each week. The first week one of the facilitators will bring dinner and a sign up sheet for the subsequent weeks. We aim to bring something vegetarian and check in when sending out the syllabus about food allergies and dietary restrictions.

What if I have a schedule conflict that comes up half way through the session?

Ideally you can make all six classes. We do a lot to build community to have hard conversations with, but we also know that life happens and sometimes you can't make all six. Sometimes you know in advance and sometimes it's last minute. If it's the difference of missing one class and not taking the course at all, we would prefer you joined us!

Study and Action Interest Form

Interested in Study and Action but can't commit this Winter? Fill out this interest form below and we'll email you when registration opens for the next Study and Action!