A bright orange background. Slightly darker orange, hand drawn arrows point in all directions. In the center is the wordmark in white. It has the letters S-U-R-J in a brush script font. The top of the J is an arrow that points upward. Next to SURJ are the words "Showing Up for Racial Justice Sacramento".

SURJ Sacramento works in community with Black, indigenous, and people of color-lead resistance, liberation, and abolition movements to dismantle white supremacy and its systems of oppression.

SURJ Sacramento serves the greater Sacramento area with partnerships with NorCal Resist and California Heritage Indigenous Research Project (CHIRP). Our primary goals are fundraising and mobilizing folks for our partners, as well as providing education on systemic racism, intersectionality, white supremacy, privilege, and getting involved in anti-racism work.

We also strive to provide models for White people for how to show up for racial justice in meaningful ways. Our core members are regularly involved in the programs and actions provided, coordinated, and held by our partner organizations.

For more information on SURJ's values, theory of change, and more use the buttons below to visit the SURJ National website.

A Partial List of Black Lives Murdered By Local Law Enforcement

Adriene Ludd

Age 36; Killed by Sacramento Sheriff; October 22, 2015

Jason King

Age 38; California Highway Patrol; October 28, 2016

Dazion Flenaugh

Age 40; Killed by Sacramento Police; April 8, 2016

Joseph Mann

Age 51; Killed by Sacramento Police; July 11, 2016

Lorenzo Cruz

Age 23; Killed by Rocklin Police; February 25, 2017

Desmond Phillips

Age 25; Killed by Chico Police; March 17, 2017

Ryan Ellis

Age 29; Killed by Sacramento Sheriff; May 5, 2017

Mikel McIntyre

Age 29; Killed by Sacramento Sheriff; May 8, 2017

Stephon Clark

Age 22; Killed by Sacramento Police; March 18, 2018

Brandon Smith

Age 30; Killed by Sacramento Police; June 6, 2018

Darell Richards

Age 19; Killed by Sacramento Police; September 6, 2018

Marshall Miles

Age 36; Killed by Sacramento Police; November 1, 2018

Antonio Thomas

Age 39; Killed in Sacramento County Jail; December 8, 2019/ January 21, 2020

A Partial List of Black People Brutalized by Local Law Enforcement

Trish Hill

Brutalized by Sacramento Police; April 2016

Armani Lee

Age 28; Brutalized by Sacramento Police; February 10, 2017

Nandi Cain

Age 24; Brutalized by Sacramento Police; April 10, 2017

James Nelson

Age 28; Brutalized by Citrus Heights Police; June 23, 2017

Zityrua Abraham

Age 23; Brutalized by Sacramento Police; July 9, 2017

The Macon Family

Brutalized by Sacramento Police; April 27, 2018